These brain games were specially designed to improve the core skills needed for success in entrance exams.


We all need to play with figures from time to time. Improve your number skills against the clock.Sharp arithmetic skills are ESSENTIAL for success in entrance exams. Use this game to improve your arithmetic speed.


A chunk has been chomped out of a picture. You have to decide what that chomp looked like. Chompy chompy.


Think you have a good sense of spacial awareness? Try this one. It might hurt your brain though!


A game to test your spacial awareness. Find the ‘odd’ shape.oddRotator is a perfect game for anybody preparing for CEM or GL Assessment Non-verbal reasoning exams. It tests your ability to visualise how shapes appear when they are rotated. This … Continued


The type of test you may find as part of a job interview. The shapes are transformed from top to bottom. Choose the one possible answer.


We all made puzzles when we were young but this game is a supercharged version. Go go go. Don’t waste a single second.


3 cards are displayed. You have to think quickly and decide whether the 3 cards form a valid group.


A classic test used in Psychology. What colour is the word?