What is Question miX?

Question miX is an online testing system for practising the types of questions that appear in selective school entrance tests in the UK. It is question-based rather than test-based. What this means is that each time your child uses Question miX they can complete as many questions as they can in the time they have available and not have to worry about completing a whole test. It fits in perfectly with busy schedules. Say your child only had 20 minutes spare before school, they wouldn't have time for a full 11 plus test, but using Question miX, they would still be able fit in a good practice session in that time. When they have more time available they can do more questions.

In addition to the great mix of questions, QuestionmiX.com also has a fabulous selection brain games designed especially to build core skills required for success in selective tests.

What sort of feedback does Question miX give?

As Question miX is question-based it will give feedback immediately after each question has been attempted. The following is displayed...

  • Correct / Incorrect - whether the student answered correctly or not
  • Question Difficulty - based on how many other students answered the question correctly
  • Speed - if the question was completed faster or slower than the average time taken by all other students
  • Explanation - most questions have full explanations

How much does it cost?

Not much! We realise that students start their exam preparation at different times so we offer 3 simple payment options to gain unlimited access:

£5 for 1 Month
£12 for 3 Months (£4 / month)
£24 for 1 Year (£2 / month)

Must I create an account?

Only students need an account on Question miX. Parents simply log in to the student account to pay for access or view results for that student. So when creating an account, you should enter details for the STUDENT (NOT parent). It is free to create a STUDENT account and you will receive free sample questions to get started straight away.

Tutors please read Question miX for Tutors.

Can I try it out before I buy full access?

Yes. You can try a limited number of questions for free before you pay for full access. You don't even have to create an account first, but if you'd like a history of your performance on the sample questions, then it is best to join first. 

Try it now and see how simple and effective the system is.

How can I get full access?

Log in to the student account and there will be a menu option 'pay for access' in the top menu.

Tutors please read Question miX for Tutors.

How do I know the questions are right for my child?

Our questions are based on a wide variety of past entrance tests to ensure your child is exposed to as many different question types as possible. This is vital because it reduces the chance that the student will panic when an unexpected question type appears in the real exam. Since there is huge emphasis nowadays in providing 'tutor-proof' exams it is important to incorporate a wide variety of questions during preparation, since nobody can tell you the exact question types that will appear in the actual exam (if they say they can then they are lying!).

if the questions are 'easy' for your child, it should mean they can do them very quickly and still be accurate. In some entrance tests, the questions might be considered fairly easy, but the time limit is often very tight so it is also good to practise working very quickly and maintaining accuracy.

Will my child see a good variety of questions?

As a student uses Question miX the system will remember which questions have been done before and make sure they get to see a wide variety of question types. We regularly consult tutors around the country and add any new question types to the system when we find them.

Why is there a moving bar at the top of each question?

This is to give the student an indication of how quickly they should try to complete the question (based on thousands of previous attempts by other students). At first it may seem to countdown too quickly, but with repeated practice your child will get used to working under time pressure and love the challenge of finishing before the bar runs out.

Why do I want my child to play games?

The games available on Question miX are not mindless shooting games! They have been carefully designed to ensure your child's brain gets a thorough workout in the core skills needed to succeed in entrance tests such as CEM Durham and GL Assessment type tests. Let your child play the games and see how much they improve. Check to see how well they do compared to other students on the 'My Performance' page.

Can I reset my account and use it again with a different student?

No. Each student needs their own account. Create a new account.

What if no explanation is provided for a particular question?

Most questions will have an explanation. Some questions do not require an explanation once the answer is provided.

e.g. Find the missing letter:   FRO ( ) ONE     SIN ( ) IVE     Ans: G

If an explanation is not provided you can request one using the comments form under the question. Somebody from Chuckra or an independent tutor will then add an explanation as soon as they can.

Are the same questions used in COAsT and Question miX?

COAsT (Chuckra Online Assessment Tool on 11plus.co.uk) is another online testing system by Chuckra. All of the questions in COAsT tests are unique to COAsT, but many of the practice questions in the Shuffle feature of COAsT are the same questions as in Question miX. 

So do I need to use COAsT as well as Question miX?

No, you can decide which system suits your needs best. We would recommend using COAsT on 11plus.co.uk as QuestionmiX has now been incorporated into COAsT (the new Question Shuffle feature), but if you are looking for a super simple practice tool, then QuestionmiX is for you. 

COAsT contains both mixed practice questions as well as full tests. COAsT is feature rich and hence a bit more complicated to use, requiring a parent/tutor account and a student account as this provides the parent or tutor more control over which structured tests to assign to a student. 

Question miX was designed to be an ultra simple, no fuss system. Just one account is required. Question miX would be ideal for those parents who are very busy and just want to let their child get on with practice on their own, but at the same time be confident that their child is seeing a wide variety of question types and that they will be able to view feedback of their child's performance at any time.

What are the system requirements?

The questions in Question miX will display in any modern browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox or similar. The question area of the system is 'responsive' which means it will resize appropriately to fit the browser dimensions no matter what device you are using (eg iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Desktop PC etc)

Some of the Brain Games require Flash in order to run. Flash is not supported natively by Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones but there is an app called Photon Flash Player which will enable you to play the games.

I am a Tutor / Teacher - how do I get the most out of Question miX?

Please see Question miX for Tutors.