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381 Responses to “Question”

  1. P143

    This is my second chuckra website and its pretty cool!

  2. Solpol

    It's great doing all sorts of different topics that try to challenge you.
    This website is great!

  3. thunder132

    this is very good

  4. thunder132

    it would be even better if there were awards

  5. Shehri786

    Amazing Website!!!

  6. Shehri786


  7. Harish

    Best 11+ website!

  8. kundai

    fab website

  9. aysel2001

    thunder132 is right it would of been better if there was rewards. This website is awesome!!!!!!!

  10. Girish

    superb and challenging website.

  11. fazillahsadeq

    amazing and fun website

  12. yamin

    BEST 11+ WEBSITE EEEVVVVEEERRRR, but can be better if there were awards like thunder said

  13. hero04

    i agree with thunder

  14. Chi4gift

    i agree with hero. its2good2b4goten

  15. Daisy11

    Really good website. There is a vary of questions and is perfect for practising for the 11 plus.

  16. Chi4gift

    dis is d best website for eleven plus

  17. hero04

    it would feel great if there awards

  18. rohan

    its fab sooooo coooooooooollllllllllll

  19. Amna123

    This is the best 11 plus website

  20. shayen

    This is the best website ever!

  21. Sami Ahmed

    This website is awesome

  22. Manass

    skip questions do the brain games

  23. Manass

    GUYS get an extension monitor 2 screens and you don't have to scroll!

  24. Chelseaboy22

    you guy are right it needs awards but it is still a boss game

  25. cleoclawdeen111

    needs awards bit boring without them

  26. naziazannat

    a really fun website!

  27. rohan

    imagine if you got an award in assembly in school in front of whole of your class

  28. Hayyankhan

    amazing website for 11+

  29. yamin

    rohan, i already have, in front of my WHOLE school

  30. cdimopoulou20

    Really useful website

  31. Jody g


  32. mytheli

    Its very good

  33. fkhan

    very very good my child loves it

  34. AryanV

    There are hard and easy questions, thats why I like it.
    Also because it is fun!!!!!

  35. Manass


  36. Martha05


  37. chocolatebox236

    Very helpful for 11+!

  38. Hagrid

    amazing just amazing

  39. sasha2003

    This website makes me feel 😀

  40. hero04

    could be better

  41. damiano

    this is better than coast

  42. damiano

    best ever 🙂

  43. Sarankan

    THIS IS THE BEST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Sarankan


  45. rohan

    do any of you play tanki online

  46. muhammed123

    this is the best website ever

  47. vishaly

    yeah........i play tanki.......i am only corparal Corparal Killertime10.............You? Anyways my brother plays too. His name is Krith(on the game).
    BTW i agree with sarankan. THIS IS THE BEST 11+ WEB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already go 2 tuitions but this is like tuition too but online and way more fun when you can make a lot of friends.
    On tanki I have some friend called Blackman123(this is a ramdom fact btw!)

  48. damiano

    love thissssss

  49. yamin

    actually, i take back what i had said, this is not the best 11+ website and to notify you, coast is way better

  50. damiano

    how is it. It is test based

  51. Manass

    we NEED awards. 😀

  52. chuckra

    What type of awards do you guys want?

  53. hero04

    any awards for reaching limits

  54. Iyawonder


  55. Solpol

    It would be really cool if you could put the top 10 people of the day on the home page like coast. So if you answered the most correct questions you would be first.
    And also If you were placed 1st 2nd or 3rd you could win an a gold silver or bronze stamp to put your profile!

  56. damiano

    I agree with that

  57. yamin

    pretty good idea

  58. Ibrahimwajid

    Best website ever

  59. Ibrahimwajid

    I wish they explain things a bit more clear.
    Anyway it is so fun awesome

  60. damiano

    it is awesome what are u talking about

  61. damiano

    Best idea ever

  62. damiano

    got a new profile picture

  63. muhammed123

    how do yo det a profile pic

  64. damiano

    u go on ur profile and press change avatar

  65. fkhan

    needs more awards

  66. fkhan

    awards like trophies 😛

  67. damiano

    no trophies

  68. damiano

    got another profile picture

  69. sakina

    cool website

  70. yamin

    im the 100th person

  71. I Can Do It Tuition

    EPIC!!!!!!! The best website ever!!!

  72. sakina

    SICK UP!!!!!!!!

  73. yamin


  74. damiano

    straight down awsome

  75. Jai23

    i love this website
    It is good like bond

  76. Jai23

    EPIC!!!!!!! The best website ever!!!

  77. damiano

    I know right

  78. aden

    brilliant website

  79. Chelseaboy22

    we want awards that you get when for example answer ten questions in a row and get them right

  80. thunder132

    it would be cool if we had like an virtual avatar and after a certain number of questions you would get some coins and you could buy stuff with them.

  81. gary sidhu

    Great website! Really good when you're trying to change from one question type to another! Who else noticed that whenever you get a specific question type wrong, it will keep giving you that type until you get one right?

  82. Jo01234

    good website but not so good at the same time

  83. yamin

    wat do you mean

  84. yamin

    ive done 461 questions, how much have you guys done

  85. Obah

    I love this website it is way better than the one I used to use ixl.
    To see my point go check it out I want to year 12 and I can still get a lot right

  86. yusaf hijazi

    The best ever

    🙂 :). 🙂 🙂

  87. I Can Do It Tuition

    it is a good website but it would be better if it had awards

  88. damiano

    i have done 569

  89. damiano

    540 correct questions

  90. hero04

    thunder has always got the best ideas

  91. Shyke

    good website

  92. yamin

    734 questions done, 689 correct

  93. Gulnaz-akhter

    This is great !!!!!!!

  94. yamin

    we know it is

  95. Antithesis

    It's really good! 🙂 I hate the cubes though :p

  96. Obah

    I am getting better at the questions :]

  97. Ibrahimwajid

    iI have done 589

  98. Ibrahimwajid

    i mean i not il

  99. yamin

    same here, i hate cubes even though i've improved on them

  100. I Can Do It Tuition


  101. abi003

    This website is the best one i have ever been to. You may not recognise my fake name because i am new to this web. i have been to so many other chukra websites, but i have settled in to this one. Good luck on examination day

  102. warrinerbethan

    this website has really helped me

  103. vishaly

    yeah i am ready to do a load of questions! i can even do 192, that is my highest!............. you can do as many questions as you want................ this is wayyyyyyyy better than coast! these questions are harder as well!

  104. vishaly

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 🙂 🙂 😛

  105. vishaly

    this web helps me a load
    right now i have just done 586 questions. spent bout an hour

  106. nicemary


  107. cleoclawdeen111

    Right i have four words to say: THIS WEBSITE IS AWSOME!!!!

  108. charlie15

    this website helps me learn but the fun way that's why its so GOOD

  109. damiano

    i know right best website

  110. Hamza13

    This is so cool I could eat a 100 chicken burger

  111. Pariya

    Wow it is amazing I have past the exam because if that thanks I am soooooooo happy:-)

  112. fkhan

    ive done... 1469

  113. damiano

    now ive done 2000

  114. warrinerbethan

    whos doing the exam in September

  115. abi003

    i'm doing it in september too.

  116. damiano

    got my 11+ exam in 12 days

  117. Experto

    same as well

  118. charlie15

    one of the best websites i've ever been on


  119. shreyakhanvilkar

    really really good i love it!!!!!!!!!

  120. ArannyP

    A really good website

  121. M.Aluzri


  122. yamin

    I've got my 11 plus exam in 13 days, im applying to latymer

  123. Amna123

    I'm doing Altrincham grammar school for Girls


    I used to go on the old chukra website
    This is better than the old one

  125. cdimopoulou20

    It could be more exciting

  126. danieloladele

    One of the best websites ever! BRILLIANT!

  127. Rafia

    awesome website would be better if there were awards

  128. thunder132

    I am getting all the cubes lol

  129. damiano

    i am so scared

  130. damiano

    who knows stampylonghead or danTDM

  131. Rafia

    how many questions have you complted

  132. Rafia

    better than the old chukra website

  133. Rafia

    better than the old chukra web

  134. Rafia

    so far ive got 536/696

  135. I Can Do It Tuition

    i luv this website its soooo much better than any others

  136. Navika

    L<3VE IT!!!

  137. Navika

    😉 :-0 🙁 🙂

    I'll call this all of the smiley faces but the sad one


  138. Navika

    Is there a religion about QuestionMix???
    I wanna follow it...

  139. Hanhan

    I have my test in 8 FRICKIN' DAYS! I'm so NERVOUS! I HOPE that this website can help me. This is way better than the old one!

    BTW: I want to go to Highworth Grammar School for Girls! And good luck to those who are doing it this year! Hope you PASS!

  140. google

    this website is good

  141. Rafia

    HOPE YOU ALL PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Amna123

    what are you guys doing preparation wise for these last few days before the test

  143. ArannyP

    My real test is in 2 more weeks

  144. Sami Ahmed

    got my 11+ in 14 days

  145. warrinerbethan

    I'm hoping to go to Lancaster Grammar

  146. Boris2201

    6 days left,and yes I do know stampy and dantdm

  147. damiano

    cool and i have 11 days

  148. Jeremiah

    having my exams in 12 days

  149. Jeremiah

    so nervousssssssss

  150. damiano

    i am not nervous

  151. Jeremiah

    applying for henrietta barnettt. this website is quite good


    I hate this rubbish website. It's boring!!!!!!!

  153. muhammed123

    damiano where are u applyin for

  154. vishaly

    this website is kinda bad because when you answer a question wrong then a massive x comes across the screen and that can really intimidate you. still this web is actually kinda awesome because you can talk to friends.........if you have friends on this web

  155. krishubond27

    This website is really good because i am giving for ilford county which is CEM

  156. muhammed123

    im not that scared about the exams

  157. yamin

    i know illford county and vishaly, i think the same because the big x really aggravates me

  158. damiano

    i am doing the ilford county high school

  159. Sami Ahmed

    Doing my 11+ on the 16th of September

  160. Sami Ahmed

    This website's awesome

  161. Sami Ahmed

    Better than Chuckra.

  162. yamin

    for me, chuckra is better and you can have conversations in chuckra, didn't you know

  163. danieloladele

    My exams in 3
    days! I'm really nervous.

  164. sakina

    GOODLUCK daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. sakina

    Emman what does your text mean?

  166. danieloladele

    I've attempted 1746 questions on this website 🙂

  167. Jeremiah

    got my exams in the following week. hope the rest of you pass and good luck daniel!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Amna123

    Which test are you doing for the 11 plus ilfa

  169. thunder132

    my exam is in the morning need to wake up early! XD 😛

  170. vasanthi

    mine is on 13th

  171. Boris2201

    I'm so looking forward to the I can get over it -_-!

  172. Ibrahimwajid

    my exam is in 2 days time I wish you all past 🙂

  173. danieloladele

    Same day as me Ibrahim

  174. Iyawonder

    I have got QE boys and Laytmer

  175. cleoclawdeen111

    My eleven plus is on the 11th luckily seven days more

  176. cleoclawdeen111

    Nervous but brave 🙂 be brave everyone and try yr best

  177. Hanhan

    @cleoclawdeen My 11+ test is on the 10th of September 2014 on Wednesday and I am dreading it.

  178. I Can Do It Tuition

    mine is on 13th of september @ pates grammar school and its so worrying!!!

  179. Hanhan

    Wen r question mix going to make new question because I find I do the same questions over and over. Which is pointless!! 🙁

  180. I Can Do It Tuition

    good luck everyone don't panic just try ur best and thats all u can doooo

  181. Hanhan

    What grammar schools r u hoping to go

    Text me below this text

    BTW: I am hoping to go to Highworth grammar school for girls
    Good luck to you citizens! 😉

  182. ilfar

    im sooo nervous for my exams. i got one on the 13th for upton court grammar school and furthermore another one in the 17th of september for henrietta barnett!!hope the rest of you guys pass and try your best!

  183. sakina

    I've done 1166 questions on this web

    how many have you guys done?????????

  184. Cleverclogs

    Have exams this Saturday. Hope everyone does well in their's when ever they are

  185. Cleverclogs

    I am the only one leaving a comment none else has it has only been me

  186. M.Aluzri

    EXAMS IN 9 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. M.Aluzri

    EXAM IN 8 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Emery


  189. Emery



  190. hero04

    exam in 6 days

  191. Emery

    I have another in 8 days ARRRRRRRRGGGGG

  192. hero04

    more time to revise

  193. ilfar

    unfortunately my lengthy exam is in 7days which isn't really a vast and lengthy period of time but is a brief and microsocopic amount of time to prepare

  194. ilfar

    however I have observed minute changes which need to be altered for example the fact that you got a single question wrong is really frustrating mainly because a colossal monotonous sign comes and appears which can make you emotionally frustration in your conscious pyshe

  195. danieloladele

    I did my exams today! It was a good experience 🙂

  196. ilfar

    how did you find the exam today daniel

  197. yamin

    yeh how did you do Daniel

  198. ilfar

    what schools are you doing yamin

  199. Rafia

    How hard was it out of 10. 1 being the simplest and 10 being the hardest

  200. Rafia


  201. yamin

    I'm doing Latymer and queen elizabeth boys barnet

  202. danieloladele

    I found the exam a bit easy on some areas.

  203. charlie15

    MY EXAM IS IN 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

  204. yamin

    MY EXAM IS IN SIX DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. bennettmon

    This website is amazing! It really helped me with my study's. I like the way they have put a mix of questions to help me. Thankyou

  206. bennettmon

    This website is AMAZING!

  207. charlie15

    @yamin which exam are you taking? 🙂

  208. charlie15

    I HOPE YOU ALL PASS!!!!! :))

  209. M.Aluzri

    the questions are way too easy

  210. warrinerbethan

    mine is in 2 weeks

  211. Emery

    Kwl 😉

  212. simba

    @M.Aluzri - if the questions are so easy then you should be getting them all correct. I won't publish your overall score on here but let's just say that you definitely have plenty of room for improvement! For anybody else reading this, the questions are a mixture of difficulties. Children love to say things are easy but then when you check their scores some of those children are only getting 60% correct. If you are getting over 90% correct THEN you are entitled to say the questions are easy. Until then...shush and keep practising! 🙂

  213. yamin

    WHOAH, Aluzri you got put DDOOWWNN

  214. Aaliyahrumana

    my test is on the 13. this website has helped to this.

  215. hero04

    hope you all pass

  216. Rafia

    How do you know what someone else got

  217. Rafia

    I have no clue:-)

  218. yamin

    i think thaat simba is a staff member so if you are a staff member you can look at how much questions someone has done, and how much they have got correct or incorrect

  219. Solpol

    Aluzri got shot downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn XD

  220. simba

    Guys, good luck to all of you taking your exams soon. I know you've been practising hard so you deserve to do well. Go show them how smart you are!

  221. Janu

    yeaah we will!!!!!

  222. maryamsalyani

    my 11 plus is on sat (this)!

  223. Jamal55

    i really enjoy this fascinating sight it's amazing!!!

  224. Rafia

    mine is on Thursday this coming one! 🙂

  225. Rafia

    im scared 🙁

  226. hero04

    same here rafie

  227. Victoria

    This website is epic :))

  228. Victoria

    Best best best ever (a)

  229. muhammed123


  230. sakina

    Aaliya my test is on the 13 to meet you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  231. hero04

    two days exam

  232. warrinerbethan

    ok but what about

  233. Solpol

    Eeeek! Im doing my exam on the 13th too.
    Soo nervous (ïŒ›ïżą_ïżą)!!!

  234. fkhan

    I have my exam on the 13th eeeeeeekkkk!!! im going to woodford county
    HOPE U GUYS PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  235. fkhan

    yay solpol u doing woodford county?

  236. ibbimanni

    Very good website ! (-:

  237. Emery

    True that do :/

  238. Emery

    Just had an exam in Birmingham

  239. Rafia

    howd it go 😉

  240. Rafia

    was it hard or simple ;-}

  241. Solpol

    Hey Fkhan Im doing my exam at Heckmondwike
    Good luck to you and everyone doing their exam!
    HOPE YOU ALL PASS!!!!!! :>)

  242. Emery

    It was easy but could get tricky in some cases

  243. Victoria

    exam is in 2 days wish me luck ;( ;S

  244. igill

    Exam in 5 days !

  245. igill

    I am applying for Heckmondwike

  246. simba

    @chebiyebu & anybody who just took an exam - what types of questions were in the exam?

  247. bennettmon

    Hi guys I going to be doing my 11+ grammar test in 4 days! Please wish me luck! I hope the people that are doing the 11+ tests on the 13 of September pass and other people who are doing other tests good luck!

  248. Emery

    There was pictures, fill in the words, measurements,synonyms,acronyms,odd one out etc

  249. Victoria

    what about them??

  250. Emery

    MY EXAM DUUUUUUUHH!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!

  251. simba

    @chebiyebu - thanks for replying - you rock! Do you mean antonyms or acronyms? Also, could you describe a few of the questions. Were there any types that you had never seen before?

  252. Winnerlewis

    This is awesome I love the games

  253. fkhan

    Wow chebiyebu must be tough
    do u think u have the guts to pass?
    P.S (for everyone)

  254. Solpol

    0_0 Ok........
    Nice to know
    My avatar is soo cool XD

  255. rahema

    im taking the 11+ exam tomorrow soo excited

  256. rahema

    maybe I will pass:)

  257. Rafia

    mine is same day as yours rahema:-)

  258. Sami Ahmed

    Good luck everyone on your 11+

  259. Sami Ahmed

    11+ is on the 16th. So nervous 🙁

  260. Sami Ahmed

    Still remember when I was in nursery. Now I'm in year 6

  261. Sami Ahmed

    Time goes really quickly

  262. Victoria

    11+ is on the 16th and the 17th...

  263. fkhan


  264. Toby

    Awesome website. Really good and helps with 11+

  265. fkhan

    Keep calm and pass your 11+
    good influence on me(did u do it on purpose?)

  266. fkhan

    Keep calm and pass your 11+
    good influence on me(did u do it on purpose?)

  267. Toby

    That's for me to know and for you to find out. Wow these comments are going in fast...

  268. Toby

    11+ soon... Yikes 🙁

  269. Hamza13

    Bruh test on Saturday

  270. Toby

    I said soon... Did not say date.

  271. Piya


  272. Piya

    Have a exam coming up wish me luck...

  273. Solpol

    Good luck Piya XD
    Hope you pass!

  274. fkhan

    why me to find out eh?

  275. Solpol


  276. Toby

    Good Luck Gal

  277. Toby

    excuse my French 🙂

  278. fkhan

    lol Solpol i didnt write it u wrote it to Toby and also IM A GIRL NOT A GAL.

  279. fkhan

    oh i took the exam.Simba in it there was numerical,antonyms,vocab,comprehension and non verbal

  280. fkhan

    u guys are so mean u didnt wish me good luck:(
    But u can make it up ive got one more to do so wish me luck.

  281. Piya

    Hey guys! Good luck on your exam fkhan and anyway is anyone going to Upton court on saturday?

  282. Emery

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @fkhan

  283. Emery

    My avatars is da best and the kwlest

  284. somerandomguy

    Oh my GOD!!!!!!!! This is the best chuckra site ever !!!!!!!! Thx for making it +I was the 4Th person in the world to try it out!!!!
    Keep up the hard work chuckra!!!

  285. warrinerbethan

    this website is amazing

  286. warrinerbethan

    this website is fantastic

  287. Piya

    Awwwwww! Your avatar is so cute chebiyebu!

  288. Piya

    OHNO! Only got two days left before my test! Yikes!!!!! 🙁

  289. Emery

    Thank you for your comment

  290. Piya

    Hey wouldnt this website epic if there where awards 😼

  291. Piya

    Hey can anyone give me an idea for my avatar Im new to website

  292. Emery

    🙂 😀 🙁 :l :I :3 :0 :

  293. Piya


  294. Piya

    :[ 🙁 🙂 😼 :C 😉

  295. sakina

    Piya i'm going to the exam on saturday MEET YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  296. Piya

    Hey Sakina are you going in the morning or evening

  297. Piya

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  298. Emery

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  299. muhammed123

    stop beieng a spoilt sport

  300. Victoria


  301. chuckra

    Guys, thanks for all your comments so far. Good to see that you are enjoying using the website. Because we are getting so many comments on this one page, the admin time needed to moderate them is getting too much. So, for the time being, we've closed comments on this page. You may, however, comment on individual questions to discuss things about a particular question.

    Thanks for being awesome!